Friday, May 03, 2013

Early Morning Writing

This morning I managed to arise and write a little. What I'm finding is that it takes me about twenty minutes to be in a state where I can write, so if I want a full hour from 6 AM - 7 AM to write--less when the family wakes earlier--I have to be standing by 5:30. Or earlier.

On the days where I fail to drag myself out of bed, I kick myself for not being able to write. Feeling like an inadequate writer-wanna-be is not the best way to start the day.

Now I have to start keeping word counts....

In other news, the afternoon temperature is rising. It's OK, although it sounds like this Sunday is going to be unpleasantly hot. Alas, the air conditioning in our car has gone out over the winter, so even relatively nice days like we've been having transform the car into a rolling greenhouse oven. Time to surf the net for Toyota air conditioner tune-up tips.

But first, the Day Jobbe.
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