Sunday, March 03, 2013

More Advanced Praise

I wanted to wait until I was sure the editors were actually talking about me before I posted this link:

[The Gear Master's Wife] does one of the best jobs of SF worldbuilding I've ever seen from an author who isn't already famous for writing great SF - On The Premises (

Oooh. You pressed the Capricorn's FAME! button. Do it again.

Today was a writing day; I had the house to myself for about eight hours. I spent some time outside writing in Café John, which was warm enough after wrapping myself in some wool blankets. The day stayed sunny, but got more cold and I moved back inside after lunch.

I wrote more slowly than I wanted to in part because I was getting back to the vampire story I started over a year ago and I got bogged down in some old scenes and in part--and it took me most of the day to figure this out--because I was tired all day.

I'm not sure why I was tired.  I thought I got enough sleep last night; maybe I'm fighting off a cold.  Being tired meant I spent too much time on little decisions, and too much time staring at the screen wondering how the connective bits between the scenes was going to work. Being tired meant I got easily distracted.

The most productive time was when I just sat down and told myself, "this is the part where they do X" and worried about connecting the dots for later. Not a stellar word count... but better than zero.
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