Sunday, February 03, 2013

Winter Ides 2013

It's mid-winter, or the Ides of Winter. In my personal spiritual belief system, this is a time to prepare for renewal by releasing static, moribund structures. It's also when the first hints of buds appear on the trees and when the frogs start singing in the slough a few blocks from our house.

The personal issue in front of me the last year is a recognition that I don't have infinate amounts of time, that I've got some bad time-use and organizational habits, and that there's so much that I would like to do (if I weren't so tired). If I were doing a tarot reading right now, I'd be pulling the seven of cups, the card of airy-fairy diffused force. In tarot, the sevens have to do with making the best of limited resources. Part of the antidote to the flightiness of the seven of cups is to have the patience and strength to focus on one (or two, maybe three) things, even if the results don't appear right away. It also helps to make good choices.

I'm thinking that the best thing I can do is to gently remind myself of my yearly goals when I find myself thinking, "I'm too tired to do X, I'll just relax a little with Facebook/G-plus/Twitter/Pinterest." If I'm too tired to do X, then I should go to sleep (Mark would add, "Or eat some vegetables and take a walk!")

What are my goals? I want to have more stories in the mail, with the hope that more stories in the mail will result in more sales. I want to take more spiritual pauses to pay attention to the motion of the sun, moon and stars and the connections between me and not-me. And... I need to get into some sort of exercise routine because I want to not puff so much when I walk up the hill and I want to look good naked.

I think that last paragraph is a We Three song...

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