Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sleep and the Blog

The other day I re-formatted the blog. Nothing too big: I merged from three skinny-ish columns to two slightly fatter ones. This was done to accommodate some of the buttons from other social media sites in the side bar and to make the main articles' horizontal width larger for photos. I'll probably fiddle with the sidebar gizmo order a bit, and I might format the article headers to be larger.

On the sleeping front, my sleep-comfort number is negative-ten. That's right, the glorified air mattress I've been sleeping on has a problem staying inflated. The problem is that a flange on the mattress's spigot has cracked and no longer holds a rubber O-ring in place. The O-ring keeps the air in the mattress, but not if it slips.

Usually this isn't a problem. Unless too much force is applied to the mattress--say, if someone steps on it by mistake or if there are amorous activities--in which case it slowly leaks air. In that case I wake up around 2:43AM because I'm sleeping on the bed frame's slats.

This of course makes it difficult to get up early to write. On good mornings, I wake up and realize I'm only awake enough to critique. On bad mornings, I try to write and stare dumbly at Scrivener trying to write new scenes or make old scenes work better.

Oh! Nina just showed me www.homeplans.com, which looks like a fun resource for story settings.
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