Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Year's Writing

For a while I've been trying to find a good stretch of time to write, and for the New Year, I'm doing something new: getting up at 5:30 (no promises about earlier) to write. I've read about Ken Scholes and (I think) Jay Lake and other writers with consistent high output discovering that the very early hours at the beginning of the day gives them time to both write, spend time with their family, and hold Ye Day Jobbe.

When I get home after work, it is difficult for me to get writing until about 3, at which point I have to stop for Familial Duties. My theory is that my circadian rhythm is at a post-lunch low in the early-afternoon slot I've been using, and I'll use that time for marketing and story critique.

So I'm trying Early Morning Writing. Of course, this morning, I've spent about 20 minutes stumbling around in a dark house admiring the strong moon light, blogging, and making tea.

The challenges are going to be getting to sleep early enough (which means watching my afternoon tea consumption) and remembering to set the kitchen and my desk up the night before.
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