Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Look

Today when I woke up to write, I put on my new progressive perscription eye glasses. Luckily, the house was dark, so I didn't fall over from corrective-lenses-induced dizziness.

The top of my new lenses are for far away objects, the bottom is for things like books or cell phone buttons. I do like the clarity the glasses give me -- I especially appreciate how hills and street-signs and (OMG!) cell phone buttons -- but I'm still noticing how objects appear to move forward or backward as I move my head up or down. Also, I have to look straight ahead; if I try to look too far left or right, objects distort as if there were a mini black hole at the level of my forehead pulling things askew. And moving my head right and left to demonstrate this to myself so I could write it makes my eyes ache.

I'm afraid that all this pointing my nose at things I want to see clearly makes me look like a raptor trying to figure out exactly how far away its prey is. I suppose on the plus side, my glasses will force me to improve my posture, as my head isn't high up enough to get things into proper focus when I slouch. And I've just discovered that my trademark-geek way of sitting at a keyboard -- legs crossed and pointing sideways, back twisted so I sort of face the screen -- really isn't going to work with these glasses.

Now, all I have to do is get used to never seeing right angles or flat planes. And maybe practice walking some more before I try to navigate the highly decorated with floor tiles and textured carpets Eugene Public Library.

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