Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Early Morning Scrivener

It was difficult to Arise And Write this morning. Various bumps in the night interrupted my sleep. I really wanted to just go back to sleep when Vena's Dance started playing. The excuse "I'm not really awake, my quality will be low" ran through my head. But I guess a week of the morning routine helped me to actually get up and drag myself to the kitchen.

When I sat down in front of Scrivener with a mug of tea, I started typing on the scene I'd left up the night before, but then switched to editing bits together. Sometimes when I sit down at the keyboard, I know that my inspiration level is low and that I'll be more productive editing.

The story I've been working on is mostly plotted, and now I have to flesh out scenes. In some ways this is the most difficult part of writing, because I have a bunch of scenes and descriptive bits which need sewing together. And often a lot of story details that won't help the reader.

Scrivener is good for editing stories at a small chunk level, which helps to keep writing projects manageable. I can move paragraphs around in within blocks and change the block's order in a story board. Bits that don't work or are back story get demoted to a folder called research -- this pares down the story, but it doesn't feel like I am actually throwing words away.

I finalized the opening scene. Then it was time to get to other parts of my day.

Tonight's goal is to go to sleep at a reasonable hour (mostly met -- does blogging in bed count?)
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