Saturday, April 14, 2012

Eugene's Only Victorian House

Today we visited the Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House, a home built in Eugene in 1888. It's easy to forget that we have buildings this old in Eugene.

I liked seeing some of the older items in the SMJ House; it's always interesting to go to a historical source for a Victorian setting.

I found myself comparing SMJ House to Olana.  Which really isn't a good comparison, but the attention to interior details prompted me to do so.

What I like about the windows in the front doors is how they use negative space.

The kitchens in Victorian houses are always interesting.

I always forget that the kitchen stove would have used wood as a fuel source, and that the ashes would need to be cleaned out periodically.

There was a large butter churn with a cool gear assembly. I like how the crank wheel has curved struts instead of straight spans.  I also wondered if the smaller, five-fold gear might not be original.

The furniture was ornate and it struck me how it didn't look like it had been mass-produced or created by someone's on-line plans and laser-printed.

An old sewing machine, tredal-powered.

What really caught my eye was this medalion.  The detailing on this is amazing; and there's no computer chips in the machine. How did they sew?

Here's the sewing machine's tredal mechanism. 

Obligatory old typewriter photo taken by an author. I thought this was a manual typewriter, but it looks like there's an electrical switch on this.

Door plate details.

Did they mass-produce these by pressing them, or were they cast this way?

Well, there; I can design some electrical face-plate in Blender and then print them out with MakerBot and...

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