Friday, September 16, 2011

Free Dead Peacock

We join the dream in progress...

I was walking through a field west of 35th Street in Corvallis.  The grass was long and golden.  I think I may have been walking from my parent's house to Church.  (In the 1980's I used to bike along a path running through the field.)  The day was bright, but neither hot nor cold.  I have a vague recollection that there were cows or goats or some other kind of cattle in the field.

As I was walking, I was on a rough path which ran along some briars.  In the middle of the path was a dead peacock, with a little sign:  "Free Dead Peacock."  The peacock must not have been dead long, because it still looked pretty good.  I was weighing the merits of pulling feathers out of it -- I was (suddenly) wearing my new purple Venician scholar's cap, and a bunch of peacock feathers would look really good in its brim.  On the other hand, it was kind of gruesome to pull feathers out of a dead peacock just lying there in the middle of a path -- even if it did had a sign announcing its availability. 

I decided to leave the peacock body alone.  At that point, the peacock started breathing.  It wasn't dead after all.  It pulled itself up and started walking about the field.  Where it had been, it had left behind one peacock feather.  I had a very strong sense that this was my reward for my choice.

I think there was more after this, possibly taking place in the church, but I've forgotten it.
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