Saturday, July 16, 2011

2011 June 26 - Sunday

Post-Wedding Game Day!

To accommodate all of the Dwyer relatives, many folks pitched tents and camped in Mark's Mother's (Mary) back yard. There were lots of New York Bagels (with cream-cheese) for breakfast. The newlyweds came by for a post-wedding visit -- which was pretty amazing, since the wedding lasted until at least 1 AM.

When the Dwyers gather, there's usually lots of party games. Folks gathered mostly outside on the porch and a general atmosphere of "Brunch meets Cookout" ensued. The kids and some adults had their faces painted -- the kids as bunnies and the adults (or at least one of the "adult" kids) as a wolves.

And then it was time for the newlyweds to go and pack for their honeymoon to the Caribbean. The next thing everyone knew, there were percussion instruments everywhere. I had a giant conga drum. There were other large drums -- and a collection of tambours, cowbells, clacking sticks, and other noise-makers suddenly materialized in the hands of the kids. I want to say there were bubbles, but I might be splicing that in from earlier in the day.

Kevin and Jackie slowly walked down Mary's driveway. By this time more tribal face-painting had occurred, so they were followed by what might have looked like a cross between The Muppet Show and Cirque du Soleil. At about 2 PM. I think we nearly caused three fender-benders from drivers slowing down to rubber-neck at the spectacle.

Kevin and Jackie drove away to a cacophony of jingling rhythms.

Afterward, there was smoke and fire.
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