Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun Dream Parts

I've been having unpleasant dreams lately, which I wont go into here... instead...

Last night I dreamed that I was on a cruise of places that Tolkien probably used when writing The Lord of the Rings. The cruise started with a map of the Bay of Balfalas, and a crescent-shaped island on the map happened to match a real live island.

I don't recall if the island was near Iceland or Tahiti. I'm going to guess Tahiti because we could swim in the water. Although Iceland has some possibilities, because there was a small volcanic vent near the island. A fiery pool heated the water within the lagoon. And it was the home of a Nazgûl-steed. This was a friendly, black-scaled, winged, four-legged, vaguely equine, aquatic Nazgûl-steed. Everyone on the cruise jumped into the water in a kind of "Swim with the Dolphins Nazgûl-steed Event."

The dream went onto other things.

I was the only man at some kind of historical / spirituality / Neo-Pagan event. Now that I think about it, the women may have been old high school friends: Ranel Hackett and Amy Beltaine were there, and possibly Audrey Pitts and Libby Riverstone. Ranel was working on a clay statuette, which looked like it came from the Paleolithic era. She was tuning the statuette, carving away bits and then striking them to make tones. I think I had a singing bowl, and the event turned into an impromptu jam session.
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