Friday, May 27, 2011

First Attempt at Cover Photos

I started out with this. It's wrong because the image says, "Tea!"  Which would be fine, except the story isn't about tea.  Also, the title is too small and the author's name is way too small.

So it was time to work on a new cover. One that said, "Mask Glass Magic!"  I had a design idea, so I assembled the appropriate Visually Interesting Props. 

I fiddled around with the shadow theatre. And this photo says "Theatre!" Or possibly "Shades of Milk and Honey."  The other question is, how does this look on a Kindle screen?

This was the image I was aiming for. I can see I'll have to try again. But, while it's a cool image, it's also a confusing one seen up close and I should look at it through a black and white filter to get a feel for how it would translate to the Kindle or Nook.  It's possible I'd get more mileage if it were zoomed in really close.

Well. It says "Mask" and it says "Glass." I think it also screams "Amature!"  And, looking at this again after a rest, it also says, "Shampoo."  Sigh.  Back to photographing -- good thing the camera batteries are recharged.

Oh. Writing. Right, back to writing....
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