Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Copy Editing

I've been focusing on preparing the manuscript for Mask Glass Magic for ePub formatting.

The copy that I have is what I sent off to Writers of the Future back in 2006.  I stupidly did something with the galley copy that I okayed for the anthology and I wish I had hung onto it.  I can see all sorts of little usage things in my copy of the book that were fixed.  It appears I should re-read Fowler's Usage on hyphens.  And I don't want to re-write the story... but there are some places where word echos could be polished out.

Some of the expletives in my manuscript were toned down for the anthology; which is fine with me -- although it does raise the question of profanity use and portraying "edgy" characters.  Not that Michelle Horn was supposed to be that edgy, and the global word substitution probably made her a more sympathetic character.

I hope this doesn't come off as whiny, because I really appreciate the work whoever line-edited my manuscript did. 
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