Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Turban Day!

I don't know why, but this morning I was filled with malaise. Or eunui. Or something that was not quite black despair.  Mundanitude.  The sort of feeling that makes you waste a day in front of the internet, endlessly searching for something fabulous and amusing or different, anything to get kicked out out a funk. 

It was the sort of day that required action. I made sure the halogen torchiere was on. Nope, that yawning chasm was simply well-lit. I brewed a third mondo cup of tea. Still blase; and I was rehearsing lines like "and the world was darkened in my eyes and my meals tasted of ashes."  It was too early in the morning for a Pepsi, so I had to turn to The Big Guns: Turning a Blue-With-Stars-and-Moons Polar Fleece Blanket into a Turban.

It seems to be working. And my head is now very warm.

OKAY.  And Mark would add: "And taking a picture of yourself."
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