Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Portland Train Fantasy

I was thinking that it might be fun to write in Portland. 

I could take the train, where-in I could look up from my manuscripts every now and then to receive inspiration from the landscape.  I would disembark the train at the quaint Portland train station, which is brick and has fossils in the marble lining the halls.  And then I would wend my way up to Powell's Bookstore and the Portland Art Museum (since this is my fantasy visit, my laptop weighs virtual pounds).  Perhaps a short visit to Moonstruck Chocolate between writing, art and books.  Then a snack, and it's back on the train.

Then I looked up the price of a train ticket.  It's cheaper to drive, by about $20.  So the question becomes, is it worth about four hours of not driving (and finding parking)?  And then I suppose if I'm really looking at the cost-effectiveness of this, I'd save money time and effort writing if I stayed home.

And actually, if I'm honest, taking the train to Portland is really an art excursion disguised as writing-on-the-hoof.  (Sigh, cue Dot singing, "Nah, I wouldn't like it much / Married men and stupid boys ...")  I guess I'll try the University of Oregon's art museum.
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