Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fashion, Art, & Trains!

The Great Train Ride is on. I decided that, what the heck, the opportunity to write on a train and then go visit an art library with a funny sounding name and what looks like throne-shaped reading chairs only comes so often (and you know I want to write on a throne). So I've got my tickets.

There's just one problem; I don't know what exactly to wear.

You see, I've got this whole romantic fantasy about writing on the train - sort of The Orient Express meets Don Quixote meets the Moulin Rouge meets Girl Genius. Only it will be just me, gliding over the landscape and typing. I don't think there will be champagne, but there will be tea (or at least Pepsi).

Also, between the train ride, I have to traipse around city streets between the station and the Crumpacker Family Library. It will most likely be cold. And raining. So the current apparel options are:

  • The Grey/Green Cloak: PROS: It has a hood; it is wool. I'll have some leg coverage. CONS: Legolas? On a Train?
  • The Romulan Jacket: PROS: It has nice pockets. I like it. It says, "Business, but from the Future!" CONS: It's not very rain-proof; plus, Mark says it makes me look like a Lesbian Art Teacher from the late 1980's (Mark says this about a surprising number of my ensembles).
  • The Russian Army Great Coat: PROS: Dahlink! It's just what a spy would wear to make other spies think he wasn't a spy! Plus, it's wool. All the way to my knees. Accessorizes well with trains.  Also bonus! If I add my 21 foot long, multi-colored scarf I'll look like Dr. Who.  CONS: Missing buttons. No head cover. It weighs a lot, so if the weather is nice, I'll be encumbered. And sweaty.
  • The Leather Jacket: PROS: Waterproof. Uh, classic? I wont look like I normally do? Maybe if I added an aviator's scarf? CONS: Well, let's just say it looked a little more dashing on me when I was a little younger (and thinner).
  • Safari John with Vest and Tilly Hat: PROS: The hat functions like a hood without the Tolkien feel, not to mention the vest has a lot of pockets. CONS: "George, you naughty monkey; come down from there."  Plus, I will have to carry an umbrella. 

Right now I'm leaning toward the Great Coat because it maximizes weatherproofing with theatrical flair. We'll see; I will have to find some sort of button solution, which will require pushing needle and thread through some pretty heavy wool to re-attach three buttons.

And I really want some kind of hat....
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