Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick-N-Dirty "Girl Genius" Description

I recently, um, read Girl Genius. It wasn't fun at all; it was, er, research into the Gaslamp and Steampunk genre.

My quick and dirty description of Girl Genius is...
  • Film The Wizard of Oz on the set of Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang (painted by Alphonse Maria Mucha).
  • Have Caractacus Potts in the Role of the Wizard, played by Jack Nicholson -- or, better yet, Stalin.
  • No; wait, have Dr Victor Von Frankenstein in the Role of the Wizard -- er, I mean Stalin.
  • Substituting for Dorothy is Tank Girl, played by Very Busty Emma Watson.
  • Instead of Flying Monkeys, think vaguely Germanic, comic-relief Klingons.
  • Multiply the Winkies (the singing, pike-toting guards of the Witch's castle) a few times and put them into slightly kinky leather harnesses.

So, it's sort of like a softer-core Heavy Metal with more gallows humor, prat falls, and clothing. Oh, and more wind-up toys.
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