Friday, August 20, 2010

Writing Progress

I've had the luxury this week of focusing on my writing. It's been refreshing and I'm a little out of writing shape. Luckily, the form of 45 minutes on, 15 off (thank you Eric Witchey) helped a great deal.

The latest story, which I managed to flesh out (but not finish) has been entertaining to write. Yesterday shortly after noon the characters hijacked the plot -- I'm not sure if this is a sign of having a good feel for my characters or having poor control over my story. I managed to get them where I wanted them.

Because my dreaming self is sometimes much smarter than my normal (?) writing self, I've been visualizing the story scene I'm at now and trying to work ahead in my sleep.

Uh. So far it hasn't worked. Or, at least not for this particular story. I ended up hovering in a hypnogogic state, gently nudging dream imagery toward the last scene I was working on, then I'd sort of fall asleep (during which my id crept in and sexed things up) and then I'd wake up to try to remember what had happened, re-imagine the scene where it had been on the page this afternoon, and the whole cycle would start again.

When I realized that I would most likely spend the entire night waking up every ten minutes, I gave up and let myself really fall asleep.

So, in honor of not being properly awake this morning, today is Marketing Day, at least until I wake up a little more to actually write. (Note to self: remember what happened last time you weren't properly awake on Marketing Day and be extra careful with the submission guidelines.)
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