Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Writer's Perils

I'm not sure if it's a result of watching too much 1970's Dr. Who, or of being a writer, or what -- but Sunday afternoon, as I was deflating the wonderfully tall, queen-sized air mattress, I had what I call a "Tim Powers Moment."

Tim Powers once told a bunch of us, you can tell the writer in a crowd during some kind of mechanical failure (like an airplane crash) because they're the ones who stop, stare, and say, "Oh! So that's what would happen."

So, as I lay on the mattress as the air hissed out, and I sank lower and lower toward the tree root that would have kept me up all night had not the mattress been there between me and it, and the mattress began to envelop me, I thought, "Oh! So this is what being eaten by some kind of giant amoeba or space plant would feel like." (Pause to imagine the enveloping mattress has a sticky membrane making my hair, arms and legs adhere to it as I sink lower and lower into its deadly embrace.)
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