Friday, July 09, 2010

Turning Away from the Internet

2010-06-23 Wednesday

What I've learned from my recent vacation is how much time I spend on-line. What's worrisome is how much of my time it eats up for low-signal things. Don't get me wrong, I love that I can find out what is going on with my friends and family, and knowing the status (over and over again) of a story at a particular market.

I want to make an effort to have something worth saying ("I can haz corn flakes now") instead of posting something because I can, and cut down on the constantly checking thing (LeechBlock, I think you're about to become my Best Friend again).

Also, while on vacation I noticed a kind of temporal disconnect. Before vacation, I time-delayed a few Twitter Updates so they would occur a week or two later. I also time-delayed " ≟Love" a piece of Twitterature, so that it would be a serial.

The time-delay underscored the virtual part of virtual networking -- yes, my Tweets are real, and the responses are real, except that I'm emotionally and temporally divorced from my original message; so the responses don't seem quite connected. And yes, again, I prefer having a wide virtual community over having a very narrow real one (okay, actually, I want both). I imagine that the responses to my "time travel" Tweets feel similar to time-dilation responses between space travelers and earth. Perhaps this time-delay with message and emotional content happens with folks who send messages via post, and I've simply re-discovered the electronic version.

I will give myself this: I've gotten better at not "fatigue surfing" the web late at night. Yes; there's room for improvement.

So. Off to reconfigure LeechBlock!
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