Friday, June 04, 2010

Pastishe 1: Subtle Breathing (Dion Fortune)

Some have criticized me for publishing secret information on the Subtle Breathing Techniques of the Hidden Lodges. To them I reply that I have not betrayed any sacred vows of secrecy due to the simple fact that I have not been initiated into any of the Higher Mysteries of Breath by any lodge, hidden or otherwise. Any student of Psychology, aided with a basic knowledge of the Breathing practices of the East, could re-produce the technique I am about to outline here. That my work resembles the practices of certain secret orders comes as small surprise to me, as the Spiritual Flames of the West have frequently been rekindled by Sparks from the Altars of the East.

It should be remembered, however, that to simply transplant a tree from its native soil and clime and expect it to produce fruits of the same caliber is the greatest of follies; so is it too with spiritual practices. Indeed, those who do do so at their own peril. This in fact is the main purpose of this publication -- to educate newcomers inexperienced in Subtle Breathing, so that they do not inadvertently stumble across a foreign technique unsuited to their Western Physiology.

A brief illustration of such a case will prove my point. I once had the acquaintance of a young woman from Leeds, whom I shall call Miss M., and whom was on holiday at the boarding house where I first began my studies into the occult sciences. It turned out that she had encountered a certain swami, a Mr. C., who had recently arrived in this country, and subsequently began teaching stimulating Breathing Techniques purportedly with origins in India. After a few sessions with Mr. C., Miss M. became quite agitated and soon thereafter her Western Physiology became so out of balance after the repeated stimulation suddenly induced by Mr. C's technique that she collapsed and had to retire to the country for twelve weeks. During the time that she stayed in the boarding house, she was under the special care of Mr. P. (an Adept in Breathing if I ever saw one), whom in fact we were all studying under.

While I am on the subject of warnings, I feel that it is my duty as a student of the occult to bring up certain practices which some may find morally repugnant. While some might accuse me of trying to titillate a jaded society, it is my moral obligation to warn of the dangers of youths breathing together in an environment not firmly grounded with the mitigating polarity of a woman; a fellow student if necessary, but preferably one well versed in the instruction of Subtle Breathing.

When a balance is sexual polarity is not observed, the vibrations thus effected on the Higher Planes can have disastrous, unwholesome consequences which pose an especial pitfall to sensitive young men. Only decadent, decaying cultures, the likes of which lead to the decline of the Greeks, practice this kind of Subtle Breathing.
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