Thursday, March 11, 2010

We Are the Stuff of Dreams...

I dreamed I was MacBeth. I think it started out as being in the play. The play was set in a dark stone castle, and there was a moat on the inside of the building, making a square around the perimeter of the main hall. I and another actor (dressed in medieval clothing) were on a square slab of rock floating in the inside moat, delivering our lines. I had a split sense of saying my lines as an actor, and also being MacBeth with an awareness of the play's script.

But then I became "Young MacBeth." The dream was slightly confused, because as a Young MacBeth, I was on a beach with a bunch of Vikings, and we were all standing there in the middle of the night with torches. I was wearing white homespun breaches and a jerkin (as were most of the other Vikings) and we were having a spiritual moment around some standing stones. I think there was chanting.
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