Monday, October 05, 2009

...and stretch.

I suppose that it's a good sign that the part about PT that hurt the most this morning was when I forgot about my arm for a moment and opened the front door as I was arriving. Okay... and discovering what my deductible is. The stretches my therapist did felt kind of nice.

Good news: I have "frozen shoulder" or encapsulitis. No one really knows the cause and it usually goes away. PT and some special stretches will accelerate the healing process. Bad news: my shoulder will probably hurt and have limited mobility for up to a year. Worst case scenario: surgery will be required to convince my shoulder socket tissue to release its death-grip on my humerus bone.

Off for some ice. And my stretch regimen.

In slightly related news: this morning, I dreamed that I was swimming around in a very large pool with a yellow canary on my left shoulder. I forget why I was taking care of a theatre's yellow canary this way -- instead of walking, everyone in the dream was swimming / flying.
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