Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The Shoulder For those of you not following me on Twitter or Facebook, I messed up my left shoulder somehow. The current theory is that it's a combination of banging my elbow really hard at the end of a water slide, sleeping on my side, one or two "sword fights" that stressed my shoulders, and reaching too far for a mouse. The end result is I can't lift my left arm much higher than my head, and on days when I don't use ibuprofen, my left wrist, elbow and shoulder feel like they are in vice grips. Oh, and the driver's side seat belt of a car feels extra ouchy as it rubs against my shoulder.

Ice helps. Ibuprofen helps. With any luck this is just a really bad case of bursitis and not some sort of rotator cuff thing. I'll know more next week when I get to have a sonogram (which I've never had before).

Shrewsbury In just a few days it'll be that time of year again: The Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire. Dancing this year will be difficult. I won't be camping on site in order to keep my shoulder off of the ground, and I'll have to not dance The Bromley.

That will be hard. When The Bromley works well, I feel like I'm stepping sideways through the faire. It's not quite a trance, usually because part of me is thinking about where to lead the procession to. I guess that having other people learn how to do the dance and watching will be a good thing in the long run.

I think I should be able to harp -- I'll have to make sure that I don't stress my left arm too much.

WritingAs usual, I need to write more and I need to keep more stories in the mail. I made a sale to Thaumatrope last month. There's something attractive about writing for Thaumatrope... I don't know if it's the puzzle/haiku factor, or just the shiny cool 140 character thing.

I'm slowly working through story starts. My goal is to go through and either trunk beginnings that have been languishing on the laptop or finish what I've started. Some of the stories seem to want to be novels -- so I'm going to see if I can write one.

Wordos appears to be gearing up for an autumn expansion, so I expect there will be more manuscripts floating across the table than there have been lately.

Dreams Now that things are settling down, I plan to get more consistent sleep. This is always good for my dream life. And... speaking of dreams... I should go to bed.

Happy Equinox (and New Moon) to everyone!
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