Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Missing Reunion.

There was a part of this dream that I forgot to post.... after the asylum part, the dream turned into a father/daughter reunion film.

A woman, a professor of Irish literature, schemed to bring a father and his (hitherto unknown) Irish daughter together. In the dream the back-story was not clear, but apparently the father had had a fling in Ireland and had a daughter he didn't know about.

The setting was a kind of multi-purpose indoor/outdoor shopping mall / apartment complex. The walkways and buildings were brick with glass skylights. The first floor was mostly cafes and retail stores; the second, third and forth floors were a mish-mash of apartments.

The part of the dream I remember best was that the professor had engineered a meeting between the father and daughter. The daughter was waiting on the (mostly red brick) front porch of the the professor's appartment. The father was following obscure clues to meet his daughter (I thinkn all he really knew was that he was meeting a younger woman; although he might have suspected their relationship). The professor was standing in an out-of-sight corner, watching the father and whispering to herself, "Come on, come on, all you have to do is press four on the elevator."

He did, and the scene closed on a reunion, with the father knowing that he's meeting his twenty-something Irish daughter for the first time, and the daughter not really knowing who this older (but oddly nice) guy is.

I guess my mind was working on story ideas or something as I slept.
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