Thursday, June 11, 2009

Writer Quiz

John Burridge took the Which Writer Are You Most Like? Quiz with the result:

John Burridge.

You are the type of writer who is mistaken for a philosopher, theologian, or Egyptologist. Although you tend to write more fantasy than science fiction, you are able to write in both genres -- frequently mixing the two. World building is your strongest speculative fiction suit: your fantasy typically includes intricate magical ritual and your science fiction has complex aliens. The Achilles' heel of world building is the tendency to get bogged down in "Tolkien Sclerosis."

The humor in your pieces leans toward sarcasm and irony, and the targets usually deserve it. Frequently, you are the funniest person you know.

While you tend to write stories which teeter between the edge of esoteric and incomprehensible, you like your prose and stories direct. It takes someone like Charles Dickens hitting you over the head with a symbolic clue-by-four to make you realize that Aslan is Christ. Try to remember that next time you're working on a first draft.

Your voice is hypnotic, which insures when you read your flash fiction that the audience will love it. Unless it's Sunday morning and you're not feeling too well because you spent the previous night guzzling too much Pepsi and dancing to 80's music.

Your non-fiction has been described as "a slice of life translated from an alien tongue."

The closest Wordo you live to is John Burridge.

If you were a British football player, you would be John "Budgie" Burridge.
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