Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sharing Dreams?

So here's a question for the readership:  Are the dream posts something I should continue with OR do you wish I would stop posting them?

My original thought posting them was that I would discover material to use in my stories (and I have).  But possibly folks would rather read about irises and waking life in Eugene instead.

Send me an e-mail or something.

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Last night's dream involved a kind of inspector.  She was 40-something and was trying to spruce up the neighborhood.  I'm not sure if she was with the city or not -- our house wasn't the house we live in during waking hours, but some kind of dream-amalgam house.  

Accompanying the inspector was a kind of handy-man.  I think he was 60-something; he had a grizzled face, short white hair and he wore white coveralls.  He started triming the vines growing over our front porch.  This was bad because we wanted them to grow there.  I spent a great portion of the dream yelling at the inspector and her henchman that I wanted what they were going to do to our property in writing, with start and finish dates. 
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