Saturday, May 02, 2009

Musings on Writing

Mark was great today -- he cleared out a block of time so I could mail out stories. Luckily, I have my PHP script to help me figure out which market to send things to -- but the script doesn't help me with things like sending something probably R-rated to a PG-13 market, so it's always a good practice to double-check its suggestions.

What I've discovered is that I've been writing stories that are too long for most markets. Most editors will take a 3000 to 4000 word story. Unfortunately -- at least from a making a sale point of view -- I am writing stories that come to about twice as long.

And I think I've had a new rejection-record, one of my stories got rejected in about two hours. I guess its good practice, but I would like to make a few more sales.

On a different topic, I finally had "How can I love you if you won't do what I say" translated into Latin: "Quomodo te amare possum nisi facere vis quae praecepi?" The translator sent me a recording so I pronounce the hard C's. Although I do wish that the Latin word "possum" didn't remind me of the English word "possum."
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