Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dreams 02-17-09

Not much to my dreams last night.  They were all about Thomas the Tank Engine.  Or, more specifically, Toby the Steam Tram.  

I really don't remember too much, except that last night was all Thomas All the Time, and that Toby's big square frame was a central image. 

In other news, I got friended by friends of friends and declined the offer (they seemed to be a business and I got the weirdest feeling that they simply wanted to friend me so they could troll my friend list).  I've decided that for the most part I need to limit my Facebook friends to people I've actually met (or e-mailed a ton of times).  

The whole Facebooks owns your content issue is troubling as well.  I had been thinking I might post some short stories there, but not if I give away the content rights.  I had been thinking of posting twitterature, too.  I guess I'll have to paste it in directly to this blog.
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