Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cartoon Self Dream 02-21-2009 

Long involved dreams, but I really only remember the part that was live-action cartoon.  The setting was a beach (mostly).  I was a chartoon creature of some sort -- I think small and stickly.  My sidekick was slightly larger, ?sort of like a small, jellowy hippo?. 

We were supposed to be taking care of an elephant (I think the elephant was real).  But because this was a cartoon, my sidekick wanted to goof off.   All I clearly remember was that I ran through a door (?in a cliff?) looked for a place to hide my cartoon-self, and decided that if I stick myself into the (real) sand and brachiated my arms, hands and hair, I'd be able to pass myself off as s bush.   My sidekick rushed out onto the beach, looking frantically around for me, and completely missed me.  

I think a raucous brass orchestra provided musical background.
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