Monday, February 23, 2009

2009-02-23 Quest Dream

Mark and I were in a castle with a bunch of other folks.  We were in mediaeval clothing.  I think I had some brothers (or in any case male relatives) and we were on a quest to find a hidden book.  I have a vague recollection of the three of us (me and my "brothers") moving chairs and a table up through a chimney and then using a rope to lower it from a roof. 

The next morning, everyone went off for breakfast, and I went to "Dragon's Tower" (the tower on the corner of the castle), named such because there was a man-sized dragon carved on the outside, just underneath a bunch of iron rungs up the tower's outside.  

We knew that there was some sort of book or treasure to be found at the top of the tower.  I decided the rungs were too obvious, and went inside the tower.  Inside was dark; there was a kind of furnace (cold) or possibly a pipe organ, and the tower stretched up like a massive chimney.  I stood in the middle of the room, on a kind of raised metal drum.  Something about the furnace's shape and slots suggested a face, so I said, "Hello?"

The furace turned on and came to life.  Its iron sides glowed with new ruddy light.  It greated me and said I had to give it coins; the drum I was on began to spin like a park merry-go-round and raised me to the ceiling.  All this time little white numbers were flashing through on things and I got the impression I needed to put together $3.28.  

So I'm something like fourty feet in the air, on a metal disk about six feet across, with the ceiling about four feet over my head, with the strangest sense that gravity is going both up and down, fiddling with coins which are suddenly available through dream-logic.  Eventually I get them into a rice paper envelope and push the money through the slot in the ceiling. 

And someone on the other side tells me the book that I want isn't exactly available just then.  But I figure out that I can go to the library on the next floor up, at the top of the tower.   ... and the dream continues past where I remember it.
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