Friday, February 27, 2009

02-27-2009 Dream:  Construction Nun

We join the dream in progress...  I was on a level beach with a bunch of other people.  There was an earthquake, and the sandstone cliffs on either side of the beach crumbled a little.  

There was a tsunami, but it was a little one.  I thought that my green VW van was going to get flooded... but it turned out that I didn't own a VW Van, I owned a yellow, very large diesle crane.  I think I helped pull other cars out of the water.

Then it was time to drive it home.  Really far away, on the interstate.  Up hill.  I think I was Maria Von Trapp by this time, which meant I had a young Julie Andrew's body.  

As the crane's engine whined while I raced it up a steep interstate incline, I was singing, "Climb Ev'ry Mountain!"  I'm not sure when I got my own body back....

There was something about running out of fuel.  And modeling / giving dance lessons in a kind of mall boutique.  
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