Thursday, February 19, 2009

02-19-09 Dreams and Happiness

The dream setting was mostly my old middle school -- lots of scenes walking the halls.  I think Mark was there.  There were lots of teachers and doctors walking around.  At one point I was dressed up like a doctor.

At another point I was helping teachers.  Some kids were putting on a play, and I told them to reherse their play (I think it was a Shakespeare play) the way it was written and not do spoof rehearsals.  I told them a cautionary tale from my Comedy Sportz days where a ribald inside joke managed to "stimulus-response" its way onto the stage.  

In the "Things that Make Me Happy" meme; I found a leaded crystal and hung it up in the kitchen window with the other crystals (we've got four now).  I love the spinning rainbows and there's something limbically pleasing about seeing white sunlight split up into a prismatic spray.

Or maybe the sunlight was zapping my dopamine receptors.  
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