Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Photo Credit?

This is really weird.

My first photograph to ever be published in a newspaper is for my Grandmother's obituary. You'd think I'd be used to having my photos made public à la the web, but seeing her photo on a newspaper site, cropped to a head shot, feels emotionally dislocating. (And by this, I mean that it feels like words about somebody else next to a picture of a stranger.) For one, I guess I've gotten used to my text accompanying my photos. For another -- I guess it's just weird to read about a relative in the past tense. And obituaries leave so much out because they're so plug-and-play; I just read someone else's obituary and it's virtually the same wording -- so I the writer in me wonders what the untold story is.

OK. I take that back; I'm starting to contrast and compare different obituaries and it's interesting to see the differences.

I think I'll stop now.
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