Monday, December 29, 2008

Happiness Posting

Over the last few days, Mary Robinette Kowal posted things that have made her happy. It focused me on positive things, so, I present my (public) version of my list:

  • Writing (and reading and performing) the Lumbering Holiday Tale (A Story for Wicked Aunts Uncles and Parents to read to children).
  • Having Smoked Salmon and Eggs for a birthday breakfast (prepared by Mark).
  • Being ceremoniously presented with a birthday gift while the opening cantata to Monteverde's Orphero played and Mark fanned me with a Cook's Illustrated magazine (yes, it was wrong to enjoy this so much, but it was only for a minute).
  • Having a few hours to wander through the library stacks and lingering in the 299 section and then the periodicals and then picking up a copy of Unholy Business.
  • Writing with the Oltions while Walter (not yet Wendy) Carlos' A Clockwork Orange soundtrack played (I need to get a copy of The Well Tempered Synthesizer).
  • Teaching my sister Pregnant Lady Judo to fend off strangers who wish to touch her womb (and otherwise channeling my hippy wise-womon by asking her questions from The New Our Bodies Ourselves -- pause to imagine us sipping mint tea and sharing a Red Tent Moment).
  • Receiving a copy of the 2004 Emergency Response Guidebook. This will allow me to play "Hazmat Bingo" on the road because, with it, I can read the four-digit code on the side of trucks and not only know what nasty chemical is inside, but how far away to get away from the truck if it's on its side engulfed in flames (did you know that for most radioactive loads, the first thing you want to do is put out a fire and then worry about any radiation?).
  • Discovering that I won the Dec 2008 Whidbey Student Choice Contest

I'm leaving out all the chocolate that came my way, but I want to assure everyone that I'm grateful (and it's going fast!).
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