Sunday, November 23, 2008

Story Marketing and Harping

Been marketing.  The PHP scripts are helpful -- I'm finding the suggestion lists they generate very useful -- although they make me feel a little draconian in terms of looking at markets simply for their pay rates.  Oh well... at least I managed to send out two stories to postal-only markets.  

I'm playing harp this Sunday evening for a kind of advent labyrinth walk at the UU church.  This means I've been practicing a lot, since I have to provide about a half-hour's worth of music while people walk a labyrinth of evergreen boughs and light candles.   It's times like this when I realize that all of the music I know (or at least can play on the harp) is divided into two groups:  music that has a C-F-G-C chord progression and music that has an Aminor-C-G chord progression.

I think the only exceptions are "We Three Kings" and "Diamonds Are Forever."  

Anyway, I have to make a play list so that there aren't too many lurches in song style.

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