Monday, November 10, 2008

Old Dayhist Dream

I was flipping through some old files and I found this dream from March of 2002. Apparently, I had a cold and took some Dayhist before going to sleep, because this dream is extra wacky, even for me...

I was in a cave with a river flowing through it. It was the cave of unborn souls. A voice said, "You can choose to be reborn, but it will not be easy, for you must plunge through the waterfall of rebirth." The whole sequence had a kind of Native American feel to it.

Someone else was there, and he said, "I will go with you through the waterfall." So we both jumped into the river and went over the edge of the waterfall. (In typing this, I'm having flashbacks to Marshal, Will and Holly falling to The Land of the Lost.)

As we were in the river, falling, I could hear some rhythmic drumbeats. The waterfall was like a tunnel we were travelling through. "The otters are drumming us along our way," said the person with me.

"Wow," I thought, "it's like the beating of a mother's heart as a child goes down the birth canal... or the rhythm of two lovers..."

"Or me jumping on a bed!" said Joey from Friends. Suddenly the entire cast of Friends was riding on a huge log that was floating down a busy New York street. There was no water, no river, just a log floating about eight feet off the ground as if it were in water. I was hanging onto the roots as the six of us floated down Manhatten. We were on some sort of travel through time.

"Oh look," said Rachel, "there's the old apartment building where we were first roommates!"

...and the dream went on to other things....
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