Sunday, October 12, 2008

Painting and PHP

Finished the east side of the house.  Hooray, now all the walls (mostly) have a double coat of paint and the cedar shakes wont rot out.  We still have to do the window trim and the drain pipes.

I managed to finish re-vamping the stories-in-the-mail tracking software.  The new code tracks market payment more precisely and figures out a story's approximate market value . . . which is useful from a craft standpoint because the software suggests that I might want to trim stories down to the 5000 word size.  It's also humbling; I mean, if I were an editor and I had to choose, would I shell out $500 for a 5000 word story from me or from Ursula K Le Guin?  

Anyway, the software is a guide for where to send stories so I don't waste an afternoon trying to decide where to send something.  It's also a back-up system for Duotrope.
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