Friday, August 08, 2008

Too Much Research

I need to get my writing steam back up. I was on a roll the last few days, and then errands in Corvallis put the breaks on the process. Thursday was a research day. I'm hoping that I'll get back into the groove of things.

Cafe John continues to be a nice place to write, with minor shade shuffling happening around 4 PM.

I've been reading too many New York Times articles and various other books. One book that has been fun is called "Relics of Eden", and it's about looking at and comparing genes of humans, apes, chimps and baboons. It's very introductory, which in my case is cool. I think my favorite little bit has been the revelation that human's primate ancestors used to be able to manufacture their own vitamin C, but that the DNA replication process corrupted (and turned off) that gene.
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