Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Quick Post

In the dream department... the other night I had a dream about gay marriage.  There were all sorts of themes about social equality and justice.  But the part of the dream that stuck with me the most is when somebody told me I had "man boobs."  I spent the rest of the morning wondering if my subconscious was telling me to get more excercise.

The loaner laptop one of my friends is letting me use has increased my productivity quite a bit.  I've been writing some more UU Joe stories -- we'll see what the Wordos have to say about the latest installation of Joe's thwarted love life.

And speaking of the laptop, the other day I had a very nice Urban half-hour at Cafe John, sipping Ceylon tea outside (in the blissful early morning temperature of 58F) and reading the New York Times online.  

Augh-ust! is here.  Today it got to about 93F.  As I write this the house has only cooled down to 75F.  Time for the fans.
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