Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pirate Dreams and Writing News

Really odd dream last night. Two characters had to make a deal with a pirate (no, I'm not a wild pirate fan). The three men stood about fifteen feet away from a mirror so they could all see themselves. This was some kind of a magic mirror which pulled things toward it. When the two proto-pirates nicked their fingers to seal their piratical deal with blood, the blood dropped horizontally toward the mirror and landed on the head pirate's reflection. Then it disappeared into the mirror. The deal was done, and the two were now bound to the pirate.

In writing news: I've managed to get a little farther on my "Love Life of Joe" series. We'll see where it goes. Mark and I were looking at a local music event -- he thinks I'd secretly like to go, but I assured him that if I did it would be for the wrong reasons (not to mention it's got an expensive gate). Anyway, I think I could use how I'd imagine the venue would be for a setting for the hapless Joe.

In Cafe John news -- evading late afternoon sunlight continues to be a challenge, and birds have found the chairs. But I have some real (OK, it's bagged) tea for tomorrow.
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