Monday, July 07, 2008

The Giant Drummer

In the dream department...

A new constellation played an important part of the dream, I just can't quite remember what the part was. The constellation was called The Giant Drummer, and was dressed in a bright red costume reminiscent of a 19th century soldier's or a marching band drum major's. He had a bright red coat with gold braid, and a tall flat red hat with a white plume on the front. His baggy red pants tucked into his knee-high black boots.

His drum, a large drum major's drum, was completely out of proportion: it would have been large by human standards, but was about the size of his palm. In the star chart I saw in the dream, the Giant Drummer was a circumpolar constellation near Draco the Dragon. He was shown bent over, as if picking up the drum from the ground.
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