Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pollen and Scrivener

Augh!  Pollen!  

Spent most of Saturday morning on an antihistamine buzz.  Man, that stuff really dries me out, but it makes my hands and feet feel like they're being radio controlled by my brain.   

Not too surprisingly, I dreamt that black crows of doom were flying to people to present them with charred bits of bodies (mostly arms and legs, I think).  The scene that impressed itself into my memory the most strongly was the cook who thought he was safe from the crows when one appeared before him without any grisly bits.  Just as he though he was safe, his oven popped open and there were the charred remains.

Ummm... lots of back to school dreams, lately, too.

On a slightly related topic, I've been playing around with Scrivener, an outlining and editing tool for the Macintosh.  I'm loving it; I've started to import drafts into it, and at the very least it chunks daunting edit jobs down into manageable pieces.   One potential difficulty is that most of my editing is done on Windows machines and the iMac really is for family use.  Oh well...
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