Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dreams of Magic

Odd dreams.

Bit one:  I was levitating in the top of a bell tower.  I think it was night, or at the very least dark in the tower.  I might have been wearing a poet's shirt, or at least loose clothing.  As I floated at the top of the tower, I held out my left hand, palm inward, and started spinning counter-clockwise (or widdershins).  From underneath my cuff streamed snake skin -- the scales were yellowish, brown, and grey.  The skin coiled around and beneath me and down the shaft of the tower in a long, trailing streamer.

Another night:  Well... it wasn't quite Hogwart's, and it wasn't quite the New York School of Dance and Art (or whatever the "Fame" school was called.  But it was a school, and it was a dark place.  I almost think we borrowed our wardrobe from "The Matrix," -- everyone wore lots of dark and black trenchcoat type clothes.

The first thing students had to do was choose "metal" or "wood."   I chose metal.  I think that may have been why I had to wear black (later on in the dream the Wood folks were all in brown).  Lots of surreal images; I'm afraid that the only one I really remember was a kind of disk of silver (or possibly two intersecting disks) with a polarized finish on it fashioned such that different parts either reflected or absorbed light.  

The "mascot" of the metals was a flying, black stone gargoyle.  For some reason I decided it would be fun to paint it white (it was some kind of group prank).  Once I did so, the gargoyle transformed into our head professor -- a kind of Snipe character -- played by David Bowie.  The beaky white face melted into Bowie's, and then he took off a white shirt (the paint somehow had become a shirt) and changed into some black clothing.  We were sort of in trouble, but I don't remember what happened next.  
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