Sunday, May 04, 2008

Dreams and Grandma

The dream started out in an aquarium... or an ocean science movie. In any case, I was watching a hippo or a porpoise frighten a squid. The squid was a puffer-squid, and when it got frightened it would expand and a bunch of quills popped out of it. The hippo-porpoise was having a fun time frightening the puffer-squid. It got a little repetitive, with the hippo-porpoise popping out from behind a rock (in the lower left-hand field of vision) and frightening the puffer-squid (in the upper-right hand).

I think I said something about the aquatic scene looking like a ballet, and suddenly, Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty" overture played and I was choreographing three ballerinas. They were traipsing in front of a castle curtain wall toward a fourth, but it wasn't working quite right. The opening dance kept repeating as we tried to work it out. I think my old dance instructor, Pam Hoffbur, appeared at this point and we tried some other things.

I finally decided that we needed to rotate the castle forty-five degrees on the stage with the corner of the castle wall in the lower stage-right area. The lead male, hunched over a sketch of the set in the castle, came up with the same idea independently.

When Pam brought it up to the main theatre instructor, the two women got into a discussion of how the set needed to have a bridge in it so that the theatre instructor could use it for a production of "Waiting for Godot." (Although now that I think about it, it should have been a production of "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.")

Saw Grandma today. Umm, wow; she's really thin -- I guess the last time I saw her she had a long-sleeved blouse on. She said she was fine the several times when I asked. I hope I didn't tire her out with reports from the outside world.

She'd just woken up from a nap when I arrived; so my attempts to get her speaking by asking her advice on things like gardening worked less well than they have in the past. She still has her humor and smiled when I said I was glad I had inherited Lillenas hair (I hope at 98 my hair looks half as great as hers does).

I think the next time I'm just going to bring the harp and not have one sided conversations.
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