Saturday, March 08, 2008

Rejections, Pagans, and Books

I got another rejection Friday. But I've managed to get two more short stories out.

In slightly related news, I decided that being the appointed chair of the local Covenant of UU Pagans for eighteen months was long enough and someone else could do it. I expect that I will have more time for writing now that I won't have to keep track of the ritual year and booking the UU Church in Eugene for events.

Not too many remembered dreams lately; I've been staying up too late and getting up too early. Naturally, I'm fighting off a cold.

As for The Book. I've got all my notes in place in a wiki, I think. Now I have to put them into a coherent whole. The wiki is good for linking ideas together, but the hypertext aspect of it makes for a disorganized document. I have had fun writing the opening chapter, which is called "The Purifications" -- I have to let it sit a while and go back to see if it was as funny as I thought it was when I first wrote it. Looking at the writers' guidelines for Weiser, Llewellyn and a few other presses was useful; everyone seems to want "practical" step-by-step books. I can do that; but the text I have so far is pretty theory heavy. Time to outline.
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