Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Writing Aaaargh!

On the plus side, tonight I managed to get some writing done.  It was mostly world-building for a short story.  I was so into it that I didn't notice that the AC power to the laptop had gotten disconnected until the battery had a catastrophic failure and the LCD screen went black.

I must have wasted about a half hour trying to pull my manuscript out from behind a chorus line of umlauted Y's.  They were unprintable spaces, which my word processor's global search function couldn't get a handle on.  I may be able to print out the TMP file from the system and retype what I came up with by hand.

It may have been a blessing in desguise; this is supposed to be a short story, and I probably was indulging in "Tolkien Sclerosis" and creating Yet Another Volume of "The Burridgillion"
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