Saturday, February 23, 2008

Better Dream

Dreamt that I was on an amalgam of Reed and the UO campus.  I was on a bus.  Someone moved my desk while I was doing something else -- I didn't have an office partician and I was distracted by the view out of my window.  Interestingly, my comptuter screen was a view out of the window and when I did a Google Map search of Corvallis, the view out of my window was superimposed over the view.  

I got someone to help me move my desk back and some of my personal furniture.  

I was on a bus.  There was a family of sorts travelling on the bus, too.  They had a eight year old boy.  I had my harp with me, I think, and in any case, the boy said something about me that made me ask him if he had read any Tolkien.

Next to me, an older man was reading from a mediaeval book (there were large uncials in a language that I somehow thought was Norse). The mother was singing something, paused and asked the man about pronounciation.  He consulted his book and they continued singing.

The bus stopped, but our travels weren't done -- it was sort of a layover.  A bunch of us got off.  I started walking with the mother and man down a path.  I recognized that I was near the top of the Reed College campus canyon.  So I took a side path and confirmed that I was on the canyon path.  I called to the others to see if they wanted to join me, but I think they didn't.

It started to rain.  I think I started to fly, too.  I remember stretching out my hand to let the rain fall on it and I thought, "I could never leave Oregon."  There was an emotional reasonance as I said this.  I flew (literally) down the path.  It started to become an indoor outdoor plaza with lots of marble columns and vines and stone walkways.  

I think there was a slight break -- I think I was popping in and out my body and a kid's body.  So I was simultaneously watching and dancing in a three-way dance between a thirty-something guy and two boys.  I had a strong sense of a rotating triangle.  The dancers had theatre beards of different colors, and as they danced  cockwise, they would take pieces of their beards off and pass them counter-clockwise. Then they were doing the same with an apple.

Then there was something about me flying upside down and being passed an apple. I looked up; over the plaza was a very large dome -- it had clouds in it. I said something along the lines of, "Can you do this?" and flew up to the dome.

The clouds started as soon as I flew past the dome's base. Then a chorus started singing Carmina Burana, and then I started seeing wheels and gears. Just as the song got to the part with ringing bells, my entire body vibrated with the pealing bells.

I was descending through the Empyrean bells and gears in a kind of bronze gondola when someone flicked on the bedroom light.

I guess this is what I get for reading bits of the Nag Hammadi Library just before going to bed.
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