Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow and Writing

Made a snow fort.

Made a snow-sculpture that looked a little like a bust of a helmeted Greek warrior (I was worried that it might look a little phallic), but it fell apart.

Didn't drive anywhere; Mark's bus slid around on the street a little.

Listened to the drip of melting snow and the crunching of snow and filed the details away for when I need to write a snow scene.

Worked on a draft of a short story -- tried printing it out and re-ordering some of the scenes to see if the story really wanted to start on page five. My secret vice is dream sequences; the story used to open (and close) with one. I listened to readers and agreed that the story stands fine without the dream sequence frame. After shuffling the scenes a little in an attempt to pull off a trick like Ursula K Le Guin did in "The Dispossessed," I'm pretty sure that I like the order I originally wrote the story in and I need to write a new opening and ending.
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