Saturday, December 01, 2007

Writing Weekend

I drove off (with the blessings of Mark) to write.

I arrived at the family manse and set about finding a table. A little after a half hour I had a table, chair, iPod, speakers, laptop, and Pepsi. And I began to edit "Sky Dance," a 6000 word alien bugs short story that's been languishing on my desk for an embarrassingly long time. Between notes I'd made on a manuscript and screen edits, the story is at a point where any more tweaking is simply going to break it.

I started to edit "Remember," and I'm about half way through it. The beginning is much more accessible. It's a 5000 word alien plant story. There's some setting and language details that I need to work through tomorrow.

I'm hoping that by tomorrow evening I'll be working on my Wordos holiday short story (1000 words).
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